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Stark maintains a team of highly skilled field technicians ready to service our products in the unlikely event they fail or need repair. But in truth, Stark products require so little service and maintenance, the vast majority of the time our technicians are out in the field, they are servicing competitive products that breakdown.

Whether you need periodic tank cleanings, mechanical repairs on cases and tanks, troubleshooting and repair of the refrigeration systems on self-contained units, or any other type of service or support on any brand of product, count on Stark to be there when you need us most.

Our services include but are not limited to...

  • Service contracts on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis
    • Cleaning and maintenance of tank glass, skimmer, UV, filter
    • Water changes
    • Testing of water quality
    • Provision of appropriate supplements
  • Custom unit design, development and installation
  • Tank and display case relocations and removals
  • Sump and overflow service

Our service contracts feature the following...

Personal shopping

We will locate, quarantine, treat and place live inventory, as needed. We will respond by phone to service phone calls within two hours during the week and within 24 hours on the weekends. Emails are responded to within the day throughout the week and within two days on the weekend. Rates are determined by tank or case location, accessibility to the system, size, material (glass or acrylic) and equipment. Additional charges may apply based on type of live inventory, equipment and any special services that may be required, such as custom design, development, and installation, relocations and removals, and custom sumps and overflows.

Tank and case relocations and removals

Stark will break down, relocate and completely set up any tank or case, as needed, or break down and remove any unit that will not be relocated. The cost for this service is determined by size of tank or case, the amount of live product, and the level of accessibility.

Custom design, development and installation

Stark is known in the industry for creating fully customized tanks and displays cases. After collaborating with you to determine your needs, our highly skilled team will install the tank or case and develop a custom maintenance plan that will help your unit perform at its best. There is no cost for a design consultation, and the cost of installation varies based on the system.

The price quoted will include the tank or case, a stand,if applicable, and all equipment to set up the environment. Contact us for a FREE quote.

Custom sump and overflow service

Stark will build sumps and overflows, as needed, depending on the size of the sump and/or overflow. Contact us for a FREE quote and to determine what configurations will work best for you.

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