"It is my belief, that advanced research, engineering, and design will produce the highest level of quality and performance to ultimately bring you Success."

Morton Starkman, Founder, Stark Products

Our first love and reason for being, more than 30 years ago, was to create the perfect environment necessary to maintain salt water fish. We succeeded in engineering a totally balanced filtration system that incorporated the water cleaning methods employed by the world's oceans.

The Stark Lobster System has more filtration power and water cleaning capability than you ever thought you needed. If you want to be able to hold more lobsters in cleaner water, so they really do taste better and look more attractive in a well lit environment, then the dividends from a Stark Lobster will be yours to reap for years to come.

Our domestic and international customers include many restaurants, offices, supermarkets and Public Aquariums.

The Stark Lobster System is no ordinary lobster tank.


The Stark filtration system was originally designed to maintain water
quality for delicate warm water marine fish, such as Queen Angels,
Parrot Fish, or even Lemon Sharks. This same system, that will sustain
these marine fish for years, in natural high density bio-loadings
(with no water changes), is the exact filtration used in each
Stark Lobster Fish or Marine System.
Is it really necessary to have this amount of high powered filtration,
to produce this degree of water quality for a lobster or fish tank?
After all, we are not drinking the water. The answer, truly, is yes.
The water quality which the Stark Lobster System produces is a
positive reflection on your entire restaurant or high-end market-it
will maintain lobster